General meeting 14. Mai 2017

• If you want a ticket, starting from the beginning of the season 2017/18, no matter which game you want to see in the CurvaSud, you have to buy the Tessera del Tifoso (if you are asked to apply for the “Codice Fiscale”, then please use a minus sign ( -) and go on. Who lives outside of Italy, does not need a “Codice Fiscale”).

• The membership fee is 30 € per year. Kids under 16 years are free of charge. But a membership must be requested and you must be in the possession of a Tessera del Tifoso. Only then the seat, next to the family member, can be guaranteed.
The form for children under 16 can be downloaded from our homepage.

• If you do not have a Tessera del Tifoso, then nobody can guarantee you a ticket, that means you can only hope to get a ticket.

• If you are in possession of a Tessera del Tifoso, then we can promise you your ticket at least 1 week in advance. If you are not in possession of a Tessera del Tifoso, then you have the option to get a ticket, but you have to wait with a commitment of up to 3 days before the match.

• The Tessera del Tifoso costs € 15 and has a validity of 5 years and must be applied directly from Juventus under this link👇🏼


• Of course, the official children and women prices will be valuated. The difference to the normal price on the ticket, from children / women will be subtracted from our package price.

• What do we offer?
• If you order through us and travel with us – ticket / ride / free drinks. There is no food (bring it yourself, is much cheaper).

• IMPORTANT !!! If you want to go to Turin by yourself, you can do it. We are not a ticket dealer, we will demand the published package price and then you can decide to drive alone or with a 4-5 star bus.

• Our bus route plan:
– Karlsruhe
– Stuttgart (Leonberg)
– Rottweil
– Schaffhausen
Towards Turin – Juventus Stadium

• EXAMPLE of member / non-members:
The ticket is officially being bought from Juve for
Juve / Napoli 45 € + 50 € for the bus trip + 10 € for the drinks (Flatrate) – drink as much as you like, over the entire journey (no alcohol).
Total is 105 €.
We would then ask for a package price of 125 € for members / non member 155 €.
(* Difference for members 20 € & non-members 50 €) no matter if it is a top match or not. The prices will not change over the whole season. The Prices are for Serie A matches.
At Coppa Italia / Champions, prices may vary slightly.

Why a difference?
The following items are included
• Bus travel must be covered in case the bus does not get completely full.
The rest is for the club, so the expenses are covered (such as work, miscellaneous, etc.)

What are you waiting for? Sign up and let the party started!